Meet Me


I have been working in design and technology since the sprightly young age of 8, when my Dad brought home our very first home computer in the 90’s. I would spend hours tinkering away on the computer designing graphics, making websites and videos and driving my Dad to the brink by leaving the computer in a constant state of chaos.

After graduating from University with a First Class degree in Creative Digital Media, I have gone on to travel the globe producing content for travel companies, fitness and leisure brands, video game companies, corporate clients and touring bands, and have gained invaluable experience from setting up and running my own company and working with clients across many different sectors.

In my spare time you’ll find me working out at my local CrossFit gym, doing handstands, yoga or coaching Nutrition.

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tor filming promotional video

My Why


Building or developing a successful business can be overwhelming. If you want to compete with the big boys there’s no getting away from it. Content is king! Your website is your shop window, and if it’s not up to scratch, then ‘aint nobody going in there.

Whether you’re business-to-business or business-to-consumer, you’re selling to humans. Humans are driven by connection, familiarity and trust, and this is where the power of technology comes in. We are quite fortunate to live in an age where we have so many platforms to connect with our ideal customers all over the world.

Too often I see businesses with abandoned social pages, broken websites, poor quality photos and information that reveals nothing about who they are and why we should care. What ultimately makes your brand or business different is you. I’m passionate about telling your story and sharing your unique voice to the world.

"I help businesses polish up their online presence with professionally crafted creative content, that makes your audience sit up and take notice."

Ready to get out there?

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What am I filming with?

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What can I help with?